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Baby Skin Salve

Arjuna, the adorable son of our friend Chris, had a painful diaper rash during travel. Sharing their sweet note to us, and sending MUCH love and gratitude to this family!

"Our son had severe diaper rash on several occasions during his infancy and we would have to painfully sit by and watch him suffer through it while the standard creams took sometimes 2-3 days before the healing would begin.

On one occasion, we were traveling and had just arrived in Boulder. Following a long flight and car ride, Arjuna began screaming. We pulled over and discovered that the travel had caused the most severe rash we had seen. In a panic, we rushed to a health food store and found your baby skin salve. With your salve in hand, we ran to the bathroom and applied it to his bright red skin.

Genuinely, within the moment that the salve reached his skin, he stopped crying. Miraculously, your baby salve provided immediate relief and his skin was back to normal within a few hours. The rash was gone.

Thank you so much for your life changing and truly healing products. My wife and I always have your healing salves with us. We now take them everywhere.

Black Salve

A 50 year old woman had stitches in her leg at age 5. They were supposed to dissolve, but never did... she had a bump on her leg for 45 years! She applied the BLACK SALVE for just 4 days, and pulled out first a little black mass the size of a lentil, then (ready for this?) she saw a little string, started pulling it out, and like a magician - pulled out a LONG WHITE STRING FROM HER LEG!! Then of course she used the Original Healing Salve to heal the opening in her leg. We've heard a lot of crazy stories but this may be the best one ever

Original Healing Salve

Actor Dan Lauria (a long-time friend of Joni's) describes how Puremedy helped with a consistent rash.

Intensive Skin Repair

Due to dry skin, I have suffered from small but painful cuts on my fingertips for years. I treated them by wrapping the finger tips with band aids and waiting for 2-3 days for the cuts to heal. Recently, however, I have applied a dab of Puremedy lotion to the cut before putting on the band aid. Overnight the cut heals, the area around the cut is moisturized and there is no pain the next day. Puremedy has provided a very quick solution to a problem I have dealt with for many years. Thanks!


Eczema & Psoriasis Relief

I purchased a tube of this at a local retailer. I was not too hopeful as NOTHING had worked for me. My hand, palm, and lower leg were continually broken out and itchy. I have psoriasis and eczema. This salve worked right away in the itching. Completely cleared up my hands! I am a Health Care worker, washing so frequently that it causes secondary issues. This has been awesome! I am purchasing the big size and do not want to run out again!

Extra Drawing Acne Relief

Extra Drawing Acne Relief Product Information

First Aid Salve

Our friend had two cuts on her hand from cooking in the same week. She cut her little finger a bit from cleaning a cheese grater in the sink and more badly sliced her thumb making meatballs. She used the First Aid Salve (medium strength) on the smaller injury because the tip of the pinky was extremely sensitive. On the more intense wound, she applied Original Healing Salve (extra strength) twice daily and kept completely covered for a week. Her hand is now back in chef mode!

First Aid Salve

A friend of ours had an open sore on the back of her foot, after a night out in heels. Knowing she could layer the First Aid Salve on thick twice a day gave her comfort as it's all natural and gentle (but effective)! It was a great quick fix to the issue, and she was back out on the town again, pain free