What We Believe

We believe nature gives us all the tools we need to heal what ails us and to live healthy and prosperous lives. Equally important, we believe science must be explored in order to fully understand these natural remedies and how best to utilize them. In our family, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of examples of how this amazing salve has healed all sorts of things from third degree burns, to diabetic foot sores, bed sores, gangrene, surgical infections and much more. But it’s not enough to simply ‘believe’ our salve is effective. It is our job to prove it.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide science-based evidence about our healing salves. That’s why we have invested in over a dozen in-vitro laboratory studies proving the salve is bactericidal (meaning it kills bacteria including MRSA) as well as bacteriostatic. We are not allowed to use the word ‘antibacterial’, because this is a medical claim and can only be made by drugs approved by the FDA. It is our plan to take our salve through the rigorous FDA process, conduct the appropriate studies and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt all of the wonderful qualities we have consistently seen over the past centuries.

By drawing out foreign matter from skin and tissue, by managing bacteria, and by increasing blood circulation to the area, we believe the salve creates the environment for the body to heal itself and helps the body to actually grow new tissue.

We believe in using only the finest 100% certified organic or wild crafted food grade ingredients. We believe it is our mission to make our salve available to everyone on the planet using the purest ingredients available with the gentlest environmental footprint possible, and to help reduce the global mis-use of antibiotics.

We believe in putting an end to all animal testing. Period. It is counter intuitive to abuse and torture animals in the name of Health and Wellness.