How We Began

Puremedy’s healing salves have been available in stores for several years but our secret formula has existed far longer. Our salve was originally crafted by a Medicine Man in Quebec over 160 years ago. In 1865 when he was a toddler, my great-grandfather Joseph Piquette suffered a third degree burn on top of his foot which quickly became infected. His entire foot began to turn black as Gangrene set in. The doctor wanted to amputate his leg at the hip, but Joseph’s father instead sought the advice of a Medicine Man. A healing salve was crafted which ultimately saved his leg from amputation, and healed the infection and burn without even leaving a scar.

Joseph taught his children how to make this salve just as he had learned from the Medicine Man. In January 1904, he hand wrote several copies of this sacred recipe in French - one of which I still have framed in my office. Joseph was a carpenter and furniture maker, and also spent much of his time making the salve for his friends and family, as well as selling it to local doctors.

His son Pete, born in 1896 continued the family legacy with his passionate belief in the natural medicine, calling it “Pete’s Salve”. His journey was a little more challenging, as traditional pine salves but were systematically replaced by topical anti-biotic creams and petroleum jelly as the century progressed.

My earliest childhood memories include our spirited family salve-making days. Grandpa Pete, with all of his passion, taught us exactly and specifically how to make the salve. He shared story after story about how the salve healed everything from diabetic foot sores, to burns, skin infection, and much more.

From a very early age I inherited Grandpa Pete’s passion to make this salve available to everyone on the planet who truly needs it. I’m grateful to see this vision coming into reality and how our family’s salve is healing people all around the world.

Blessings in health,

Joni Siegel
Owner, Founder and Formulator
Puremedy, INC