Original Healing Salve -  Every home, every day!

Truly unique and possibly the most versatile product you will ever meet, our Original Healing Salve is simply an
essential.  This is known as the everything salve.  Based upon our original family recipe, our 'magic' salve has
been enhance by replacing animal tallow with organic beeswax and organic olive oil, and by adding organic
calendula for it’s myriad of anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.  This sacred medicine has proven its healing
powers for close to 150 years.  

Key Benefits

•        Proven anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-yeast functions in an clinical laboratory study
•        Anti-inflammatory
•        Increases blood circulation - imperative for skin health and wound healing
•        Regenerates and rebuilds skin tissue
•        Ideal for treating an array of symptoms —from cuts, burns and insect bites to various infections

Active Ingredients

Echinacea Angustifolia (3x) HPUS...................... multi-purpose skin healing remedy
Wild harvested Elderberry bark (3x) HPUS........ skin protectant
Organic Elder flower (2x) HPUS .......................... skin protectant
Organic Calendula flower (2x) HPUS ................. promotes healthy skin and healing

Also Contains

Pine resin
Organic beeswax
Organic safflower oil
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Canadian fir balsam resin

Suggested Use

Apply to the affected area 2-4 times per day or as needed.  If needed, cover with a bandage.  Do not dress with gauze , rather use
regular band-aids or Telfa style bandaging for larger applications.  Keep the area moist with Puremedy to speed up the healing
Safe for children and adults of all ages.


Before applying to an affected area, test for any allergic reactions by rubbing a small amount on the forearm.  Do not use if allergic
or hypersensitive to any ingredient in this salve.  If the condition persists or worsens, consult with your health care provider.

* Although all of our results have been documented with testimonials and personal results, Purémedy products are not a medical
drugs and have not been proven to, nor are they intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease.  These
statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

To relieve symptoms associated with a wide variety of skin issues including:  

Wounds, deep cuts, severe burns, severe rash,  skin infection, gangrene, stasis ulcers, insect bites, boils, and much more.


Every-day beauty and healing salve

I love Puremedy’s Original Drawing Salve.  I use it all the time for everything from a face cream, to a first aid salve for my kids
bug bites, cuts, sun burn, I even apply it on my face, neck, and chest before I go in the sauna to help draw out impurities from
my pores.  I  love knowing that it’s pure and natural, but ultimately I use it because it really works.

Angela Lindvall, model, Los Angeles

Chronic open wound:

I had this problem with a large area on my leg which had been a disaster for more than two years, open bleeding chronic
wounds. I had basically 'shredded' my leg. It was an angry red, and anytime it started to heal to any extent, I'd tear it all open
by scratching it either in my sleep or while awake. I couldn't even drive my car without this habit of scratching my leg.

Without boring you with all the remedies I attempted, let me just say I tried EVERYTHING. And to no avail. Now here's where
it gets so interesting. I decided to try your product because it appeared to fill a need I had.

I STILL AM IN DISBELIEF!!!In LESS THAN 36 HOURS, my leg had basically healed over.!!!!!  Furthermore, I was not scratching it
in my sleep or when awake. I definitely had some kind of bad infection; but the skin has healed and the redness is nearly
disappeared. I am SO amazed and SO happy. I would recommend this to ANYONE
who has such a problem.

Rush T. Caley
Port Orchard, WA.

Infection in nose

The infection in my nose was getting really bad as it had spread so much it felt like it was even in the eyes and bones. I had
already had weeks and weeks of antibiotics, sometimes 2 i.v.’s a day and the infection still persisted. While at the health food
store looking for anything that might pull the infection out I was introduced to a relatively new product called  Puremedy
Original Drawing Salve at www.puremedy.com.   I was so blessed to be able to talk to one of the owners of this company, Joni.  
She called me every day  just to see how it was going and  to encourage me. At first it was very uncomfortable as the product
began to work. As evidenced by the signs of infection on the bandage there was a great deal of infection and it has taken 3
weeks to get almost clear.  Thank you Puremedy.

Patricia Shamblin, CA  

MRSA Skin infection

I purchased the Puremedy Infection Free Formula because the Dr. diagnosed me with CA-MRSA.  I'd never heard of it. My
thigh was swollen, purple, hard and hurting. He said I had the worst strain! I can't imagine how I got it. The antibiotics make
me nauseated. The Original Drawing Salve has eliminated the purple color and the sore has healed. The leg is now back to its
normal color and soft again so I imagine the infection is almost, if not completely gone (3 days).

Thank you for sharing the miracle product.

Terlyn Nowell, CA

MRSA Skin Infection

"Hi, my name is Lance.  I was being plagued by MRSA Staph Infection. As I'm an amputee these infections can be very painful
and very large.  My first impression of Puremedy’s Original Drawing Salve was skeptical. But I didn't want to use any
prescription antibiotics or harsher drugs. Nor did I want to opt for surgery to drain it out. I applied Purémedy three times a
day, directly on the wound,sloppily. I noticed the first change 12 hours after I applied it to the wound. Purémedy acted as a
suction drawing the poison and bacteria up and out of the center of the infection."

How would you describe Purémedy to a friend?

"Absolutely amazing, I will never use anything else and that
includes prescription drugs. I would insist to those that I love to

Lance, 44 from Thousand Oaks.

Wound Healing PA, PHD

Dr. Matthew Montee, Physician and Surgical Assistant of Advantage Wound Care has seen results in his patients first-hand.
“Purémedy’s Original Drawing Salve is the gold standard in the topical treatment of healing wounds of all etiologies,” says Dr.
Montee.  “Clinically, it has proven to conquer the toughest strains of bacteria, while being a powerful ally in the healing
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